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Praise for Vera & John

Vera & John was featured on BBC Radio London’s Robert Elms show on Friday 17th February and in the Guardian on Saturday 28th January.

“Probably the sweetest, funniest book published so far this year”.

“Truly lovely, the bits of life and love that get forgotten”.

"A moving and important project"

“A fab potrait of family life. Written on the back of everyday envelopes, Vera leaves notes to John. Funny, ordinary, addictive & touching!”

“I laughed out loud at the note about the barbecue bar! Brilliant idea for a book”.

“Absolutely wonderful. The whole thing made me smile—a lot”.

“Thank god there's always the real world. It has become so easy to forget that”.

“Lovely idea for a book. We should all do this. Before we self delete. Is there a way to save and print our texts?”

“Absolutely, Beautiful Idea. Beautiful Life”.

"A wonderful project with my 3 favourite L’s - language, love and London”

“Your history, our history, London ‘istory”

“Anyone who can't see the warmth and family values I feel sort of sad for. This is real family lucky for them”.

"Vera & John - a reminder that life, like love, is in the little things!"

"Delighted to receive my copy! Thank you and well done to Jason Wilde I couldn't wait to read it and it brought tears to my eyes as I thought about the notes on scrap paper that me and my mum and dad used to communicate with before mobile phones! Wish I'd kept them"

"Thank you so much, your book arrived yesterday and I absolutely love it. I have a real sense of your parents (and your mum sounds amazing!) and as a born and bred North Londoner, I want to go back to each of those Camden streets"

“I so enjoyed this. I lived in a single parent family. My mum worked so I often came home from school to find notes re her where abouts or what to do re finishing the tea she would have started. She passed last year but would have been the same generation”.

“There’s two mouses in the traps under the radiator cover. They are big. Get rid of them before I come home or I’m leaving, Ve [sic]” commands one note. Ha ha, brilliant, we've all been there, or somewhere like it. Lovely, really good read, thanks for that”.

“How wonderful. This reads to me very much as Cider with Rosie first did - in a vibrantly different style and tone. Glorious and is going to make Christmas/ birthday present shopping a total breeze this year. Thank you, and your perceptive publisher. I send my love to your whole family”.

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