Image of Guerns!
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62 pages
170 gsm
33 colour illustrations
19 black & white illustrations
220 x 280 x 10 mm
ISBN 978-1-5272-1777-5

Includes an essay by Greg Hobson

Published by Butchers Hook Books, London, 2017.

In 2015 I was invited by the Guernsey Museums and the Guernsey Photography Festival to become the artist in residence on the island of Guernsey with the idea of developing a project based on the island’s social housing communities. The Guernsey Museums and the Guernsey Photography Festival had come to realise that the islands states housing communities were under-represented in the recorded history of Guernsey. By making portraits of individuals and families living in these communities, the prime aim of the project was to fill a gap in the island’s visual record of 21st Century life in Guernsey and give visibility to a segment of the island’s community that is often invisible and missrepresented. Guerns is the result of that residency.

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